6 Reasons Why You Need a Fleet Management System


Fleet management in its simplest form, involves managing fleets of equipment to meet customer requests as they evolve over time. The equipment might be containers which hold freight (ocean containers, truck trailers, boxcars, etc.), equipment such as locomotives, truck tractors, taxicabs or business jets. The concept covers the practices of overseeing, organizing, and recording all aspects of a company’s fleet. These managerial duties might include, but not limited to, establishing regular vehicle maintenance schedules, establishing cost-saving measures, and implementing new driver training programs.  

A robust fleet management system will help your company with the following;

  1. Lower costs, greater returns

This can be achieved by limiting inefficient business practices such as out-of-the-way travel routes or excessive idling. Fleet managers can reduce fuel consumption through proper fuel management and increase productivity.

With technologies such as GPS and Internet of Things, finding where your driver is with deliveries has become much easier. These technologies helps plan routes efficiently through traffic updates which helps optimize working schedule. A good fleet management system automatically verifies your driver accountability by putting you in the passenger seat of the vehicle.

  1. Increased overall business efficiency

The positive results from having a well-run fleet can overflow into other areas of the company as well. Customers receiving their goods and services in a timely manner are likely to become repeat customers. Regular vehicle maintenance can lead to reduced instances of costly vehicle breakdowns that cut into the company’s overall annual budget.

  1. Longer lifespan of Vehicles

A properly run fleet management system will show vehicle performance indicators and notify drivers of under-performance in any of the parts. This will enhance worthiness of vehicles resulting in longer and more rewarding road life. Mechanics can easily access repair history as well as all data related to fuel consumption and maintenance.

  1. Improved safety of drivers

A Proper fleet management system does not take care of only vehicles, it also takes into account the safety and welfare of the drivers of the vehicles. It does that by keeping up with important safety alerts and security protocols. Poorly maintained vehicles can endanger both the driver and the goods in transit. Manager can be able to analyze individual driver behavior, habits and patterns to improve decision making.

  1. Improved employee satisfaction

An impartial structure and established company policies applied fairly and accurately across all levels of employment leads to increased employee satisfaction with the company and with their own jobs. A Fleet management system will help improve the day to day experiences of employees leading to increased efficiency.

  1. Strengthened corporate peace-of-mind

A good fleet management system reassures individuals and decision-making boards that the company is maximizing its successes and minimizing its risks. It reduces the guesswork and provide solutions that help reduce potential discrepancies and fraud through all stages of the supply chain.

Essentially, if your business requires multiple vehicles to properly function, you need some form of fleet management system to ensure that your fleet is operating safely and efficiently.

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