3 Things To Consider When Choosing a Wallbox


The term Wallbox is used to refer to the fixed point of recharging electric vehicles. Wallbox refers to the physical system that provides electrical power to the vehicle plugged in by a cable. This device, powered by alternating current, either in single or three phase mode, brings together several components that make the whole system an integral recharge system.

Wallboxes are used to protect against electric shock and avoid voltage peaks during the charging process to harmonize the power of the current. In this way, the Wallboxes protect the batteries of electric cars. The Wallbox can be used to know at all times the electricity consumption, measure the energy consumed. This function is very useful because its use avoids surprises in the payment of electricity and even resolves conflicts in the case of being installed in a community car park. Wallboxes can be used to program recharging processes for electric vehicles when taxes are cheaper.

There are some features you should consider before buying the wallbox that suits your needs the best. 

  • How smart does it have to be?

Wallboxes come with a wide variety of connectivity and intelligence. You can have a basic one that charges on demand, or an intelligent one which can optimise charging and costs. The higher the degree of connectivity, the higher the price. Wallboxes can be categorized into three based on their intelligence; Plug & Charge boxes (most basic), Wallboxes with some smart charging services, Smart wallboxes.

  • How much kW do I need?

Another crucial difference in wallboxes is the charging speed they offer. In general, there are two categories. 

  1. Phase power outlet which provides a capacity from 2.4kW up to 7.4kW
  2. Phase power outlet which provides a capacity between 11kW up to 22kW.

To determine which one suits your needs, you should consider price and speed. Similar to the intelligence of the wallbox, the faster the charging, the more expensive the charger. Also, the higher the charging capacity, the higher the charging speed. Combining the two previous features, you can balance the price tag versus your actual charging needs. 

  • Which power input does my EV support?

You can choose a smart and fast wallbox, but before heading to the fastest one, make sure your EV can deal with the high-speed charger. Therefore, you should determine which maximum charging speed your EV can handle.

When deciding which wallbox to pick, you should take the previous three questions into account and balance your needs with the price, since the smarter or the faster, the more expensive the wallbox will be. 

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